We are all storytellers, whether artists, writers, game designers, RPG Game Masters, fanfic authors, or doodlers with notebooks filled with characters and stories.

This fall, we will start inviting curious and creative people to build unique and amazing experiences. Please sign up to our mailing list to join us on this journey. 

No coding skills required

And by no-code, we really mean no-code, not even scripting. All logic is created with easy-to-use contextual dropdown menus.

Adventure Forge will empower you to become a video game designer. When you're ready to share what you've created, you can do so with the push of a button to just your friends and fans, or even the entire Adventure Forge community to play and enjoy.


About Us 

At Endless Adventures, we are working to ignite innovation and quality game design and development by empowering the worldwide player community to create their own games and tell their unique stories.

Adventure Forge is the brainchild of Jordan Weisman, the visionary behind renowned franchises like BattleTech, MechWarrior, Shadowrun, and Crimson Skies. His previous entrepreneurial efforts included Virtual World Entertainment, acquired by the Disney family, FASA Interactive, acquired by Microsoft, Wizkids, acquired by Topps, and Harebrained Schemes, acquired by Paradox Entertainment.

Guided by Jordan's expertise, Endless Adventures’ talented team includes game designers, artists, writers, animators, UX/UI designers, and software developers, all working to empower artists, writers, and designers to make their own narrative games.

What's happening

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